Other Artists

Beers, Alan
Brighton, Karen
Crawford, Nellie
De Wolf, Tony
Denington, Brian
Dixon, Jo
Erfu, Chen
Fish, Laurence
Flynn, Dianne
Gill, Richard
Green, Gerald
Gribble, Paul
Harpham, Jeffrey
Hedley, Paul
Litchfield, Nicola
Morgan, Tina
Moroney, Ken
Plisnier, Robert
Porteous-Butler, David
Tongerloo, Peter Van
Urwin, Diane
Williams, Jacqueline
Yardley, Bruce

Brian Denington

Brian was born in Somerset and trained in fine art. He had grown up at a time when illustration, an art form he had always loved and been fascinated by, was in it's heyday and he became an illustrator working freelance in London. At the same time he regularly produced and exhibited his own work and when the advent of the Apple computer changed everything and when for Brian and many professional artists at that time illustration almost ceased to exist he then concentrated on painting for exhibition and commissioned portraits.